Armor Specialties LLC

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What we do.

Just as some of the greatest names in the business world started in a garage, Armor Specialties is no different. From our humble beginnings we have steadily grown and now offer more gunsmith services to the hunter, sport shooter, and gun enthusiast. We have grown from just gunsmith services to CNC services, metal, and woodwork. Two new items were just added to the inventory list. We are introducing the FAT CAN and Aspect suppressors     

FATCAN, or as we affectionately refer to it as "The Fatty"

Just over two inches in diameter and five inches long,  this suppressor can be used for Multiple platforms up to 300 Blackout, The center of gravity moves closer to the operator making the weapon much more manageable. Also perfect for SBR's over 10.5 " . Pick your color. All that for just $599 bucks.

Aspect 22

Five inches long, one inch in diameter and just over 7 ounces make this multi-caliber suppressor

so much fun to use. Made entirely from stainless steel, the clamshell design makes it much more serviceable and will give many years of quality performance. all internal pieces can be sold separately and there are no tools needed to service. $379.00

Prices donotinclude the tax stamp required by the ATF. I do however include the fee for the paperwork. If purchased at the Halifax Location.